Has anyone found a good solution to play youtube videos for Ionic?

I’m looking to integrate youtube videos into my app and was wondering if anyone have found a good and reliable solution. Thanks.

There’s a module called angular-youtube-embed that works pretty well.
You’ll need a little knowledge of the Youtube Iframe API if you want to a fine control (sound on/off, play/pause, goto, playlist, etc.).

I have some small problems, but I’m trying to autoplay a video the home screen with the sound cut off, which is an official no-no as far as Apple iOS engineers are concerned. Android seems to have a problem with it as well, I still have to investigate the causes.

There a lot of good Vanilla JS examples using the Iframe API on stackoverflow, which you can base your own directive on.

But for a regular youtube implementation I have somewhere else in the app, everything looks fine. You’ll see the usual bunch of console AJAX warnings spitted out by Youtube Iframe’s API.


Hello, is there a more recent solution for that? I’m using Ionic 3 and would like to stop the video when user leaves the page. I read Youtube IFrame API but I couldn’t get it to work with Ionic.