Has anyone deployed an Ionic app to Heroku?

I’m trying to do that now, unsuccessfully. It recognizes it as a node.js app and doesn’t output any errors. However, the launch page doesn’t show up. I’ll continue to work on it; just wondering if others have some experience. Thanks!

Check out this article, using ionic and node on heroku


Thanks M. That article just says “click the Deploy to Heroku button”, but it does confirm that it can be done. I actually think it’s as simple as creating a Procfile which says:

web: ionic serve

but I’m having other problems at the moment.

Ahh alright, maybe you should check out this article

Since it’s straight angular, it will be pretty relevant.


Success! With a combination of those articles, plus simply [Serving static content from node][1] and Heroku’s [Getting started with nodejs][2], success.

  1. Add a dependency to express in package.json:
"dependencies": {
    "express": "4.8.4",

2. Create a web.js file like this:

var express = require(‘express’);
var app = express();

app.use(express.static(__dirname + “/www”));
app.listen(process.env.PORT || 5000);

3. Create a `Procfile` to launch this:
web: node web.js

Now you should be able to launch the server using [Foreman][3] by typing:

foreman start

Push it to github, ensure there's one dynamo running by typing:

heroku ps:scale web=1

and should be good to go. Thanks for the tips!

  [1]: http://blog.modulus.io/nodejs-and-express-static-content
  [2]: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/getting-started-with-nodejs
  [3]: http://blog.daviddollar.org/2011/05/06/introducing-foreman.html

Awesome! glad to know to hear you got it to work now :smile:

@shawnlauzon I am very curious as to why you are deploying an ionic app to Heroku? For demo purposes ?

Yes, just demo purposes, and to demonstrate functionality to people without having to generate a real app.


Great tip! Just click on the “Deploy to Heroku” button on the page above. Then simply run:

heroku git:clone -a <app-name>
cd <app-name>
rm -r www
cp -r ~/my_ionic_app/www
git add --ignore-removal .
git commit . -m'initial commit'
git push

Now just replace the contents of the www folder with the contents of a a new one, do a git push and you’re basically good to go. :smile:


A clear and step-by-step explanation of deploying an Ionic app to Heroku:


Check out http://blog.ionic.io/heroku-ionic/
From that project:


  • app.json
  • server.js
    Copy from
  • package.json
    – Add depency express