Handel Browser Back Button ionic 3

Browser back button on ionic 3 is working with the modules but some scenario is failing.

**If the page is setRoot then the cached view is 0 but we still press the browser back button then it redirect to previous page.
Suppose we have 3 pages : page1 , page 2 , page 3
page1 ----> page 2 (then back button is working fine)
page 2 ----> page 3 ( After set page3 as setRoot and then I press browser back button , it redirect to again page 2 but ideally its stick on page3).

How we can handle the browser back button after the setRoot page? Its working fine on ionic 1 using $ionicHistory with disableback:true but when i move to ionic 3 , i m facing this issue.

I am currently using ionic:3.9.2 and angular :5.2.9