Grey background with popover


Hi there,

When my popover appear, the background turns grey, do you know if it’s possible to avoid that?
I also saw that the the size of the popover is big even if my text is short.
I’m a beginner so, be indulgent please.

(Sorry for my poor english)

  1. to get rid of gray backdrop, use this css{
  background:none !important;
  1. Not really sure if I understand the question, can you explain?


I think he means that the pop over’s size is big even if the content inside it does not fill the full height of it.

if this is the case you can set the size of the popover usinng css in the template

<style>.popover { height:XXXpx; width: XXXpx; }</style>


Both of you gave me the answers I expected.
I already done that but I modified the ionic.css file, I think it’s cleaner to do that your way, I don’t know why I didn’t think that way before posting this stupid question.

Thank you and keep doing a great job with this wonderful framework !