GraphQL and Ionic

hello everyone
I’m new to Ionic and Angular and also Graphql and i started to design my app.
Now i want to start create nodejs server, but i have a question, can i use graphql with ionic to send and receive data from the server?

Would be curious to hear about your experiences doing so – I’m about to start a project that would require this! I’ll keep you posted if I learn anything.

Thank you
I’ll let you know if i find st good

Incidentally, I haven’t begun implementation yet, but the most likely solution that I have found thus far is Apollo, an open-source GraphQL client with an Angular 2 implementation:

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Aaron –

Thanks for posting this!

I actually just got back into my side project that has our back end in GraphQL, so I’ll definitely be tasking a look at this.


Hi, I am also trying to make an ionic app with graphql. Do I need to install Apollo for graphql requests and does Apollo work with Angular 7? Please let me know. Thx.