Grant Access To All Firebase Users Node

I just want to retrieve the images to all users using this data structure:

Data Structure

But I am getting this console error:

Error: permission_denied: Client doesn’t have permission to access the desired data.
This is my security settings on Firebase:

    "rules": {
      "Dogs": {
          "$uid": {         
            "Pet": {
                ".write": true,
                ".read": true


And this is my controller that I use to show the images:

var firebaseObj = new Firebase("https://<MY-APP>");
var sync = $firebaseArray(firebaseObj);
var fbAuth = $firebaseAuth(firebaseObj);

var userReference = firebaseObj.child("User/"+fbAuth.uid);
var syncArray = $firebaseArray(userReference.child("Pet"));

$scope.Dogs = syncArray;

you need to get in touch with firebase support.

Thank you. I just re-structured my data.