Got a summary email with this


Not sure if the marketing plan has gone wrong but reading an email where everypost is about how bad something is just funny.

And im not sure how many times i have to unsubscribe from the spam these sites send me. :x


So you are saying you unsubscribed from the digest email or from all emails and still got a digest email?


Yes i am saying that i unsibscribed 2 times from your site and I just don’t want to get any emails from ionic. Hard to understand?

Now i got this:

Unsubscribed here:


So i am looking forward to this.


Don’t be an ass, put it on the blacklist and you’re freed from all your burdens. Thanks for letting us know, probably some sort of issue which should be looked into.


Great you found the unsubcribe link.

Forum and “account on” are two different things, so one cannot technically cover the other.