GoogleMaps Messing Up Modal on Ionic5

Hey guys, I’m having issues with the GoogleMaps and the new ‘swipe to close’ modal.
My issue is that the class _gmaps_cdv_ that gets attached to the body by Google Maps is changing the background color to white. The effect looks to weird and bad.

I’ve tried pretty much everything…

  1. Removing the class once the modal gets loaded. That will make the map disappear and take whatever color I’ve set to the background.
  2. Removing the class once the modal gets loaded and attaching it again once the modal gets destroyed. Same result as previous
  3. Destroying the map on the ionViewWillLeave() and recreating using the ionViewWIllLoad(). Same result as previous.

Any tips? Is this a bug?


You need to set the Plugin’s Background to black. Use the Environment Class of the Plugin for that

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Thaaaaank you thank you sooo much!

That solved the problem.

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You can also trying to use gmaps with drawer