GoogleAnalytics - there is a working version these days?

Hi and hope everyone is ok with the COVID these days.

Description - system:
Ionic v5 + Capacitor, run on android => note 8 and s21+, run on ios, 8 plus and 12 pro max…

As I looked all over the forum, Stack overflow, websites, the whole google, and tried to understand the ionicframework => googleanalytics plugin. didn’t come to a solution at all.

Tried to make a UA-TAG, used it and not working, used a G-TAG and not working as well.

The single success over the plugin was only to take the initial(first run, not on a re-run of my app.
The page views didn’t work, and events as well.

Please, i need a simple and working version of google analytics for my apps, if there is someone who has a working version, could you share a Github repo/post here in this topic please?

I know/saw that there are several people with the same situation, but we can’t find a solution with this big community here?

Please lend a hand to the people in need, promise to send you a beer at least for your kind help :wink:

Thank you,