Google plus native time for signing in

i am using ionic’s google plus native plugin for my login purpose.

But as of now, i am stuck at a phase that the app and the login is working but without an advantage.

async nativeLogin(): Promise<any> {
		try {
			const loading = await this.loadingController.create({
				message: 'Please wait...',
				mode: 'ios',
				spinner: 'crescent',
				translucent: true


			const gplusUser = await this.gplus.login({
					'client api key goes here',
				offline: true,
				scopes: 'profile email'
			const credential = await this.afAuth.auth
				.then(res => {
					const that = this;
						.set(TOKEN_KEY, res.refreshToken)
						.then(result => {
			return credential;
		} catch (err) {

this is the code logic.
As of now there is no error of any sort, but the app to redirect to the dashboard takes a lot of time, even after all the permissions are given.

I don’t know why this is happening.

The most preferable solution is to work on top of google plus plugin, but other ways of google sign in is also preferable.

Thanks in advance

any help will be highly appreciated

please try :- google firebase Login

this is the same tutorial i followed.
But can you answer the question that i asked?

Why it is taking a lot of time to login.