Google Play: Improving app security and performance on Google Play for 2018


For those interested and if you missed it, Google Play will introduce some new rules next year, notably rules applying to the minimal version of targetSdkVersion according the permissions of your app (not detailed yet) in case you gonna submit a new app (august 2018) or update an existing app (november 2018)

Definitely something to follow next year. I guess they are willing to “stress” a bit their users, carrier and phone manufacturer to apply updates to their phones.

Does the targetSDK value actually change anything with respect to the ionic Cordova build process?

This shouldn’t be a big deal for anyone since developers are still allowed to set minSDK to any value, right?

Good question…

Well my understanding is that some features gonna only be available starting from a minimal android api level which could change regarding of their actual level (for example a feature who would be ok now on android 4 but would only be only available from level 6 from end of next year)

But I may be totally wrong and like I said, just something to follow. Right now it’s only a blog entry with one or two examples, still need more figures for me

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Gotcha your explanation about changing the API level associated with certain features makes sense.

Between this, treble, and a few other changes, it seems like google is taking steps to push OEMs to actually push software updates.

It gives me the same feeling…