Google Play complaining about app doesn't fit in tablets

Hello fellows,

I have just launched my new app - or trying to on Google Play, but I have one problem.

When I try to upload screenshots, it says that it doesn’t reach the requirements. Maybe I could fix that, but the real issue is, it says, the app simply can’t be used on taablets.

Why? Shouldn’t Ionic use the popular term “One size fits all”?


As far as I know does Android decide how to render by the size/resolution of the provided spalshscreens. Try to make proper splashscreens for all devices.

Now I have just tried to use splashscreens that fit both tablets and phones.
But I still receive this: “Your layout should make use of the available space on tablets”.

Any way I can solve this?

I found out, why it did so.
I just had to uncheck a box in a subpage of the content listing.