Google Places - No touch event with ngAutocomplete


i am new on ionic and i have a problem with ngAutocomplete.
ngAutocomplete works fine on a browser.
I run a test on ios-simulator or my iphone5.
It does not work with touch events on the dropdownlist.
You make a touch and the dropdown-list hides but without a new value on the input.
Any ideas?

I am facing the same issue. Any updates?

ngAutocomplete works fine on the web browser but does not work in a mobile app (Samsung Galaxy S4/ HTC One). Any updates?

Hi harley81,

Were you able to find a solution to your issue?


Hi ionman,

i am currently on holiday.
When i will be back i hope to find a solution.
As a second option you can try ion-google-place. It works fine but you get other list-values. You get not only the citys…
When i am back to my office, I will take a look.



I’m facing the same issue - I tried the data-tap-disabled workaround here but it still doesn’t work. If anyone has ngAutocomplete working, please let me know.



I have the same problem… ngAutocomplete does not work on mobile devices. I have tried the data-tap-disabled workaround, but it does not work too. Is there a solution?

please see for my findings

Link to other points

Just letting you guys know that I got autocomplete working by swtiching from ngAutocomplete to


And for this one you do not have any issues at all ?

No. Seems to work fine. Just one thing to be aware of though is that clicking with the mouse in the browser does not trigger the autocomplete. I have to arrow down and hit Enter. It all works find on the device though.


have you found the solution ?