Google Maps Search Box


I try to include the search box from google maps api 3 to an ionic application. Search box is an option from google maps to search for places. I found the following CodePen which shows the problem:

Open the CodePen, click the loupe on the left side and search for a place. You will get a list of possible search values. Click on a given search value and you will get an alert message, this means the places_changed event was triggered.

Do the same with a mobile device or open chromes developer console with mobile simulation for Samsung Galaxy S3 and you will see that you don’t get the alert when you click on an item of the list.

I don’t use it in the same context, I use angular-google-maps (!/) wrapper but the problem is the same. Does anyone have an idea why it doesn’t work or have someone a workaround to fix this problem?


For everyone who has the same problem I could solve it with: