Google maps native documentation not working


The documentation for the native map is not working, it shows me a blank page, i dont know what can be possibly wrong. Please help


Well, dozens of people are using it from the documentation - so I would bet that the problem is more on your side…

What exactly did you do and implement?


I do the same code that is in the current documentation , and i get a blank page. This is my console.logs from the code

let element: HTMLElement = document.getElementById('map');
console.log("element", element)
//<img id="map" src=",-57…rs=size:mid%7Ccolor:0xff0000%7Clabel:%7C-38.0618359,-57.546104000000014" class="_gmaps_cdv_" style="background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);">

let map: GoogleMap = this.googleMaps.create(element);
 console.log("map", map)
//GoogleMap {_objectInstance: App}

let ionic: LatLng = new LatLng(43.0741904, -89.3809802);
console.log("latlo", ionic)
//LatLng {lat: 43.0741904, lng: -89.3809802}

let position: CameraPosition = {
        target: ionic,
         zoom: 18,
         tilt: 30
   console.log("position", position)
//Object {target: LatLng, zoom: 18, tilt: 30}

there are all fine. i dont know what can be the problem.Also i do the this.initmap() function inside the ngAfterInitView. Is that correct?, and i have on the view <div #map id=“map” style=“height: 100%”>


I tried in a blank project and it works, so the documentation is not the problem. I have a sidemenu project and that is where it doesn’t work.Anyone know if there is a bug refered to that