Google Maps marker not showing

I installed native cordova plugin GitHub - mapsplugin/cordova-plugin-googlemaps: Google Maps plugin for Cordova
Then I used this tutorial to show GMaps
Which worked but not very well.

So I used this and it works perfectly, but I can’t add marker, it’s not showing up

let location = new GoogleMapsLatLng(-34.9290,138.6010); = new GoogleMap('map', {
      'backgroundColor': 'white',
      'controls': {
        'compass': true,
        'myLocationButton': true,
        'indoorPicker': true,
        'zoom': false
      'gestures': {
        'scroll': true,
        'tilt': true,
        'rotate': true,
        'zoom': true
      'camera': {
        'latLng': location,
        'tilt': 0,
        'zoom': 15,
        'bearing': 50
        'position': location,
        'visible': true,
        'markerClick': function(marker) {

I had to add “addMarker” inside GoogleMapsEvent:MapReady like this: =>
console.log(‘Map is ready!’);{
‘position’: location,
‘visible’: true,
‘markerClick’: function(marker) {



Maybe documentation should be updated?

Great that you fixed your problem.

You can a) edit the docs page yourself or b) open an issue on the ionic-native repo on Github. Then this will be taken care of, here it will probably be missed.

@dariot thanks for your help man, you saved my time