Google Maps ionic

Hi everyone. I was trying to access here ( but there is a 404 error. Also, I’m facing issues with Google Maps when I’m trying to compile my ionic app for android.

platforms/android/src/plugin/google/maps/ error: cannot access zzbfm
class file for not found

Ionic 3.20.0
Cordova: 8.0.0

Thanks in advance.



The @ionic-native/google-maps is part on the @ionic-native plugin.
However the @ionic-native team does not manage in proper, the code is moved to

They does not want to tackle to solve the documentation is missing issue.
Even they don’t want to discussion.
For the reason, the new document is available at here.

Anyway, your building error is the version conflict of the Google Play Services SDK.
You need to modify the and the build.gradle files.