Google Maps fixed in CSS do not allow panning map

Hello, I’m quite new to the Ionic Framework but I’m learning while working with it :smiley:

I want to make a map from Google Maps the “background” of my application, so the user can pan it, touch a marker and then some content divs are displayed.
I need the map to be fixed in css, so that, when the user scrolls the content, the map stays in background. I found that the “fixed” position does not work inside the tag because of the way panning works with Ionic, so I managed to make the map stay fixed by putting the map div before the ionic-content tag.

However, if I do this way, map just doesn’t work. I mean, it looks perfect, but if I touch it or pan it, it seems like nothing is done. Do you have an idea why? I also have a button outside the , and it works flawlessly.

Any other way to use a div as fixed background?