Google-Maps enableLocation button missing

I’m trying to use the Google-Maps plugin - but its not a great update.

I’m trying to enable the currentlocation button on the map - I can show the users position as the blue dot -but not the button to allow the user to move the map seamlessly to their location.

My code works on Android - but on iOS i’m just missing the button.
The traffic layer is working!!!
I have added the permission into the info.plist and i’m not getting any errors… Just missing the button

await GoogleMap.create({
id: guid.toString(), // Unique identifier for this map instance
element: this.mapRef, // reference to the capacitor-google-map element
apiKey: this.apiKey, // Your Google Maps API Key
config: {
center: {
// The initial position to be rendered by the map
lat: 54,
lng: -1,
zoom: 8, // The initial zoom level to be rendered by the map
}).then((gMap: GoogleMap)=>{
this.api.app_GoogleMap = gMap;