Google map and Google plus login

I want to use both Google-map plugin and cordova google plus plugin (google login) together in my app. But google plus plugin not working with google map plugin. Google plus plugin not showing any error, but simply not working. when i remove google map plugin, then google plus plugin is working fine. how i use both plugin together in my app? please help me to solve this problem.

Anyone please help me to handle this issue??

Same issue for me too. Please help if you were able to fix this.

Still this issue is not resolved. Waiting for a solution

I temporarily resolved the issue by making all ‘play-services-*’ versions to 15.0.1 in, config.xml & package.json files.
Please see below url for more details.

Not sure whether this is a proper fix.

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Thank you so Much…Its worked…

It is worked, Thanks you