Google heatmap with ionic 2

Hi, does someone know how to create google heatmap in ionic 2 with around 64,800 of weighted location data?

What do you mean with “google heatmap”? Can you provide a link?

I want to create a layer of heatmap with specific heat intnsity at given coordinates. The no of coordinates are around 64,800. I need to implement example from in ionic 2.

Oh, so you are talking about the Google Maps Javascript API? Would have been useful to include this in your first post.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is I have to set around 64,800 googlemap latlong objects with their intensity(weight) in the map. Hard coding all of that data is not feasible solution. Google suggests kml files or fusion table for these kind of things. And unfortunately no proper documents about how to create a kml file or a fusion table to with just latitude, longitude and heat intensity value for each co-ordinate.

Ok, this sounds more like a question for a Google Maps forum then - I don’t think anyone here did something like this.

I would probably try it directly with all points anyway. It might be slow, but it’s progress.