Google Drive files (audio files) in ios


Hi all,

I am developing an application that will allow me to record some audios and store them directly on google drive account. I am able to perform this.
Now, after the audio file is being saved in Google drive I wish to have it back in application to perform certain annotation, like attaching some notes. The concern here is that when I import the audio file back in application from drive, the audio file is not playing. I am not able to hear anything of my recording. I am downloading the audio file in local storage before playing the file in the application.

I am able to play and hear audio in google drive player, its just when I import the audio file back in application it is not working.

I am using Ionic media plugin for recording and playing back the audio file.
Audio file is stored in m4a format.
using ionic 3

Kindly assist me, as it has been days and I am struggling to play the stored audio files from google drive in my application.


Any one in the forum that can assist me with my struggle.


Please add google api token when your trying to download / play from google drive . Like I am downloading it from drive before playing , below is the way I am adding token :

let GoogleDriveURL =“"+fileId+"?alt=media”;
let headerCred = {
headers: {
“Authorization”: "Bearer "+this.accessToken , // this the access token of google drive
“cache-control”: “no-cache”,
}, this.file.tempDirectory+fileName, true , headerCred).then((entry) => {
— Code Here -------


This issue may be coming due to authentication only , please try this hope this will help you out .