Google Calendar integration in Ionic 2 apps

Send google calendar invites in your ionic 2 hybrid mobile apps in 5 simple steps.Send invites using the java script google client apis and test it on real android device.

Google Calendar integration in Ionic2 apps
Demo of sending google calendar inviatation in Ionic 2 app

Very often we deal with events, sometimes as hosts, other times as guests.
For an event to be successfull the least we could do is broadcast it thoroguhly to intented audiences.
Creating a formal invitation and sharing it across will then become the need of the hour.
With google calendar invites, one can easily create the intented event. Once created we need not worry about sending email reminders, text messages, screen pop ups and other tedious tasks as google services would take care of it for you.
Google’s Javascript client comes to rescue as now we can easily create a google calendar invite and send it across multiple users with a single click in our ionic 2 apps.