Google APIs for Android : DetectedActivity


I have a question or more than a question a doubt, it’s possible use the Google APIs for android in Ionic ?
For example this API is for Android:


public class DetectedActivity extends Object
implements Parcelable
The detected activity of the device with an an associated confidence. See ActivityRecognitionApi for details on how to obtain a DetectedActivity.
Constant Summary
int IN_VEHICLE - The device is in a vehicle, such as a car.
int ON_BICYCLE - The device is on a bicycle.
int ON_FOOT - The device is on a user who is walking or running.
int RUNNING - The device is on a user who is running.
int STILL - The device is still (not moving).
int TILTING - The device angle relative to gravity changed significantly.
int UNKNOWN - Unable to detect the current activity.
int WALKING - The device is on a user who is walking.

In advance, thanks for your answers guys.