Google Analytics - which plugin?

I need to add Google Analytics to our Ionic 3 app and am slightly confused as to whether I should use the Google Analytics Plugin or the Firebase Plugin - does anyone have any advice?

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I think first decision you need is do you want to go with a hybrid plugin (cordova for ex) or with pure web sdk for GA.

Then you could pick one that suits. Google actually finalizes the merger of their GA suite with Firebase suite -> so you can use either and soon it will be just one.

Cause of that merger I opted for AngularFire’s latest 5.3.0 which now supports GA as a web SDK.

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Thanks - i know about the plugin (as I mentioned in my post) - it’s more a confusion about which of the two plugins to use (or indeed whether either of them are required if I could use AngularFire). My comment was raised after seeing discussions such as this one.

No plugin needed for angularfire analytics

Havent tested it but at the time I needed it, I referenced to the websdk directly which works flawlessly (as per tutorial below)

Just adding the tracking id in the firebase config

Angularfire planned the update once the websdk was out

I used this plugin and its an easy set up and works flawlessly.

Hey @richardshergold,

I would recommend Firebase Plugin for your app analytics.