Google Analytics fails with `undefined` error


I tried adding analytics to my app.

    console.log("Analytics ID", config.googleAnalytics);
        res => console.log("res", res),
        error => console.log("error", error),

Testing using ionic run browser, this is the console output:

Analytics ID - the correct one from google analytics
error undefined

Why does it reject? How can I see the error?


Same issue here… have you found a solution?


Update to version 2.1.4 or above


Version 2.1.4 of Ionic CLI? I have 2.1.18…
It seems there are still open issues?

I also tried using a web GA tracking ID, but in either case I get the “Error: send timeout” when i call GoogleAnalytics.trackView(‘test’);


My appologies. Not 2.1.14, but 2.2.14. You can see in the releases:

google-analytics: fix startTrackerWithId when interval is not provided (49fe24d)

Version is of ionic-native, not ionic-cli


Thanks, I updated to the latest version 2.2.16. But still it doesn’t work, see