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I recently started working on an app, and started from the ‘Tabs’ template, and now there are two features I want to implement, a feature to be able to swipe between tabs, and a login screen. For the swiping I don’t really know how to do this, and for the login screen I know I will have to implement databases and stuff, but my questions for the login screen in reality is this: When I open my app, it is instantly on the main part of the app, how to do I change the layout so the user is first shown a view, then after doing something, i.e. clicking a button, is taken to the main part of the app? I’ll just transition from one to another for the sake of simplicity. Another thing is, the first time the user opens the app, I want him to be greeted by a splash screen, then the login. How is this done?

Thank you very much!!!

You need to show splash screen ,read this article https://blog.nraboy.com/2014/08/add-splash-screen-ionicframework-project/

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Start by a good tutorial about authentication:


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