Go back to root navigation page $ionicNavBarDelegate


Hi *,

i’m using ion-nav-bar and i need to go back at the root page of my navigation.

I have Page1->Page2->Page3->Page4 now in Page4 i need i button to go back at Page1.
Please any suggests?

I know that i can use $state.go(page1) but it isn’t the right behavior that i need, because i will have:

Thanks in advance


I don’t understand what you’re asking. Why is it the wrong behavior to go from Page 4 to Page 1?

If you’re talking about the transition animation, you can use navDirection (on the nightly build) in order to appear like you are going backwards.


try this:


It’s work on 1.0.0-beta.14. Because of $ionicHistory ship in this version.