Global styles?


Is there any way to simply write styles for entire app?
Something like:

$navbar-background: blue;

And then every navbar in app would have blue color.


All global styles that you can override can be found over here:

If you would like a custom color for your navbar all over your app, just add a custom color to the colors variable in your variables.scss and then add color=“mycustomcolor” to your navbar.


so i have to edit every single navbar in my app?

and how to set font color of navbar?


primary is the default color, so if you change your primary variable into something else it will change every navbar. But I don’t think it’s that much work…

If you want to change the font color, just check the link I just posted. Search for toolbar-text-color.


primary is something-blue
and default color of navbar is something-white
so it is much work…


So just add color=“myColor” to your navbars. I don’t know how many pages you have, but I don’t see why it would be such a big issue. Maybe setting $toolbar-background works as well for a default color?


maybe it isnt very time consuming but still it could be done much easier if there were any global style variables

oh wow seems like there is $toolbar-background and it works

but somehow toolbar-text-color doesnt work this way :open_mouth:


So there’s your answer then ;). Reading the docs carefully would also have given you that answer by the way :slight_smile:


yeah but it doesnt work with text-color


Did you try and set it specific to the platform?


yes i did and it doesnt work the way background worked


Probably because you need the toolbar title, not the text:



oh yes you are right again, thank you!