Global Styles CSS not recognized when install my npm package in Angular or React

I need to create a lib that can be used with Angular and React and I don’t put any specific rules. When I install the npm package from my Stencil lib the “src/global/global.css” don’t show. Not recognized. Just the Components CSS.

— In stencil.config.ts

import { Config } from '@stencil/core';

export const config: Config = {
  namespace: 'design-system-web',
  globalStyle: 'src/global/global.css',
  outputTargets: [
      type: 'dist',
      esmLoaderPath: '../loader',
      type: 'dist-custom-elements',
      type: 'docs-readme',
      type: 'www',
      serviceWorker: null, // disable service workers

– In ReactJS/ Angular Project after install from npm (package created):

import { defineCustomElements } from 'design-system-web/loader';



AND trying...


The package is:

Someone understand why the global CSS is not recognized?

Sorry about my English :frowning: