Global header, tabs and sidebar


I’m trying to achieve a sidebar, a global header and a global tabs bar on the bottom in our first Ionic application. The workaround that I have found for the moment is to create the header as a component that I include in every page. For the bottom tabs bar I use the same approach as in the ionic conference app (which is a great resource, btw).

Is there a way to include the header more globally so that I don’t need to include it on every single page? And is there a cleaner solution than to have a “tabs” route that holds all other routes just to have a tabs bar…? I noticed that the transitions between the pages gets lost (which work for “non-tabs” routes).

I guess I could also create a component for the bottom tabs that I can include in every page, but that just doesn’t seem right. I think it would be cool if I could just define the overall layout in the app.component.html where the ion-split-pane resides (if that is possible)