Getting the id of pressed button

hey guys

if i want to get the id of a button from one page and display in the next page i am using ionic 2 (ts)
page 1 :

<button id=2 ></button> i want to get 2 and send to page 2 that show it in a toast


Listening to your various questions is like following breadcrumbs. I think you could really design this app better if you would just explain what you are trying to achieve, but that being said, you can pass the id as a parameter to the (click) event.

hhh okay sorry for that but what i just need is : i have a home page with mnay button and i have user the user with an id=n cant press a group of button i decided so i need to disabled this once and other id can access all button so do you any idea how to deal with
Thank you in advance :slight_smile: