Getting the app data folder (cordova.file.dataDirectory)


While attempting to use the Cordova File Transfer plugin and I could not obtain the app data folder without some difficulty.

  1. When using “cordova.file.dataDirectory” I received the error “cannot find name ‘cordova’”
  2. Tried ‘typings install cordova’ with some luck. Received the error “no property File on type Cordova”
  3. Included ‘declare var cordova;’ at the top of my provider to override the typings. Works now.

Everything works but have I done this correctly? Seemed like a lot of work for something that should be trivial:


Are you using ionic-native?


Using ionic-native for both “File” (cordova-plugin-file) and “Transfer” (cordova-plugin-file-transfer). As far as I can tell from the github repo, there is nothing similar to cordova.file.dataDirectory. Am I wrong?


My bad. Should be mainstreamed within a week or so, but if you would like to try it now, my implementation of the file plugin should have what you are looking for.


Wow great, it’s already on your branch. Thanks!



I am trying to use cordova.file.dataDirectory but my class can’t seem to recognise the variable despite importing File and Cordova from ionic-native. I am using the latest ionic 2 beta version (^1.3.9)

Is there anything else I need to do to get it to work apart from importing File, Cordova from ionic-native?

Many Thanks in advance.


it will not work on the browser unless you mock it: