Getting error while trying to build android app

I am getting the error as in screenshot while trying to build an app.Kindly guide me to resolve the issue

try opening this path -> platforms/android/ in Android Studio

then it might ask you to upgrade Gradle, so click ok. The gradle would get updated and you hopefully would be able to build app with

ionic cordova build android

Thanks can u plz guide me with specific option to choose I am not able to locate same

Update I tried and searched for gradle and used the command provided by you but still same error

did you set enviroment vardiables ?

my gradle settings looks like:

No kindly guide me how to set for this .I am in windows 7 32 bit…Thanks

I think so there is some issue with your enviroment variables.

Check from start that whether they are set properly.

sdk and jdk paths are set properly

Thanks to all issue resolved

How did you solve the problem? Please share.

I created an environment variable it did solved the issue