getting error while opening the android 0

TRIED - npx cap open android

The error I am getting is

[info] Opening Android project at /media/mohan/66D64F7F2CE11EA9/adhikar/adhikar/android

[error] Unable to launch Android Studio. You must configure “linuxAndroidStudioPath” in your capacitor.config.json to point to the location of, using JavaScript-escaped paths:



“linuxAndroidStudioPath”: “/usr/local/android-studio/bin/”


I added the path at


“appId”: “io.ionic.starter”,

“appName”: “adhikar”,

“bundledWebRuntime”: false,

“npmClient”: “npm”,

“webDir”: “www”,

“linuxAndroidStudioPath”: “/android-studio/bin/”,

“plugins”: {

"SplashScreen": {

  "launchShowDuration": 0



“cordova”: {}


But showing the same error. Is the placement is correct. Also i tried “linuxAndroidStudioPath”: “home/android-studio/bin/”, But nothing works. Can anyone help me in rectifying this.