Getting error in my ionic app "no database open" while replication in pouchdb

Hi all

i had created application using ionic and pouchdb.

i am using couchdb on my local server.

My sample application is working fine in ios and android. But same application in blackberry10 giving error while start replication

error as following

“status”: 500,
“name”: “Error”,
“message”: “unknown”,
“error”: “true”,
“reason”: “database not open”

I had also created app to test pouchdb working in blackberry10 or not? But it working.

so i am getting error while replication in blackberry10 application.

and i am unable to figure out why it is only giving error in blackberry10 and what is exact problem

I solved it.

I was using sqlite plugin to use websql adapter and provide size to database.

  var localDB = new PouchDB(databaseName, {adapter: 'websql',size:10});

so sqlite plugin is working properly with ios and android.

i just remove sqlite plugin and make

var localDB = new PouchDB(databaseName);

and it start working on blackberry10 device.