Getting empty on fcm token

Hi I installed cordova-plugin-fcm by using below command

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-fcm

npm install --save @ionic-native/fcm
imported the FCm from
and added FCM provider to app.module.ts

import { FCM } from ‘@ionic-native/fcm’;

constructor(private fcm: FCM) {}

this.fcm.getToken().then(token => {
console.log("fcm token is "+token);

So console prints empty for token so please help me am using android@6.2.3

this is my code, good luck

this.fcm.receive.subscribe(() => {
  console.log("token ", this.fcm.device_token);
   tap(msg => {
    //show toast in app

Thanks for your reply.

But it is showing these two below errors

Property ‘receive’ does not exist on type ‘FCM’.

Property 'device_token does not exist on type ‘FCM’.


in your fcm

public device_token: String;
async getToekn() {
  let token;
  if ('android')) {
      token = await this.firebaseNative.getToken();
      this.device = 'Android'

    if ('ios')) {
      token = await this.firebaseNative.getToken();
      await this.firebaseNative.grantPermission();
      this.device = 'iOS'
    this.device_token = token
    console.log("your device token is ", token);
   return this.saveTokenToFirestore()

receive is an observable I created to handle the async function