getPushPlugin error when running on device

After i set dev_push false i get the following JS error when running this on a device. I’m only building for iOS not android. Also i’m using phonegap build to generate the application.

TypeError: t._getPushPlugin().init is not a function. (In 't._getPushPlugin().init(t._config.pluginConfig)', 't._getPushPlugin().init' is undefined) (anonymous function) — value — value — (anonymous function) — app.js:45 (anonymous function) — ionic.bundle.js:53329 onPlatformReady — ionic.bundle.js:2491 fire — cordova.js:775 (anonymous function) — cordova.js:229

i am also facing this issue .Please advise

I have this error too! on android!

5 159576 error TypeError: t._getPushPlugin(…).init is not a function

Same problem here, on android.
It used to work well, then suddenly stopped.
Please advise!