Get User location when app is in foreground/background/killed


In my mobile app after user finishes login, I should track user location every 5 minutes and send the location to server. I used . I am able to send user location to server every 5 minutes if the app is in foreground or if user switches to another app(background).

Since user has logged in into the app, if user kills the app also I want to send the user location to server.
The above plugin I used doesn’t send location to server if app is killed.

Is there any plugin which allows to send the location to server even if app is killed?

Is there any plugin which restarts the app when user kills the app or doesn’t kill the app?

Can somebody please help me

Hi Abhi,

Have you got any plugin for the same? Till no one is replayed for your message…

If you got solution please let me know.


I am also looking for same