Get the item thats selected


Hi all,

I have the following code in the html file:

<button ion-item  *ngFor="let item of properties" (click)="itemSelected(item)">
        {{ item.name_number }}, {{ item.street }}, {{ }}, {{ item.postcode }}</button>

This basically shows a list of properties, now I want to be able to click a property and the data from the itemSelected() be shown in a different div element.

How does one achieve this? PS a Ionic newbie here.


I do have the method setup within the ts file as follows:

itemSelected(item: any)

Which does show the selected item, but like I said I want this to display on the same page within a different div or ion-element


When I do the console.log on the item I do see this:

{id: 151, membership_number: null, status: "inactive", landlord_id: 71, agency_id: null, …}

So the data is there I’m just not sure how I get certain parts from it to show on the page.


Anyone willing to help out?