Get "$scope" from another Controller

Hi can you help me, how can I pass the $scope from another controller?

          $scope.showNoti= "true"

//passed the $scope.showNoti here 
      $scope.get($scope.showNoti); ????


You could use $rootScope instead of $scope.
Every value you add to the rootScope is accessible in every other controller.

Can you give me some example in using rootScope in passing values ? Thanks

I’ve modified your orginal snippet

          $rootScope.showNoti= "true"

      alert("Yay! " + $rootScope.showNoti);


Wow ! That’s Cool, Thanks ! :smile:

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You’d better define a service to manage your data.

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Can you give some example of what your saying ? Thanks :smile:

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How about showing the div section from another controller ?

    // Html Doc
<ion-content ng-controller="controller_1">

    <div ng-show="showThis">
          <h2> Hello World </h2>


    .controller('Ctrl_1' , function($scope){
    $scope.showThis = true;

   //show the div section here
    .controller('Ctrl_2' , function($scope){



@gmarziou is right, you’d better define a service in this case to share data to anywhere you want. It will be something like this:

var app = angular.module('YOUR_APP_NAME', []);

app.service('ShareService', ShareService);

function ShareService() {
  // Private variable
  var data = {}; 

  // The object which will be expose as service api
  var service = {};
  service.getName = getName;
  service.setName = setName;

  return service;

  // Define service methods
  function getName() {
    return || '';

  function setName(name) { = name;

// And then you can use it in other controllers, directives or services, just inject it
app.controller('TestController', function ($scope, ShareService) {
  // Do something...

  $ = ShareService.getName();
  $scope.setName = ShareService.setName;

app.directive('test', function (ShareService) {
  return {
    restrict: 'E',
    template: '<span>{{ name }}</span>',
    link: postLink

  function postLink(scope) { = ShareService.getName();

// ...

It is better to read the Angular documentation. :smile:



You should probably get that data from service like others suggested. But you can also look into scope broadcast and emit events that can pass values.

+1, broadcast events is a good way to pass value as well.

I know a service is the way to go, but what about declaring a global var?

var values = {}

Controller 1

Controller 2

Both these controllers will have access to the values variable.

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The best way for your use case is to use Services. Yes you can use $rootScope, and I do use rootScope sometimes, but 90% of the time using a Service will be better, it doesn’t take long to learn.

I’ve got a video that explains this, if you want to skip the parts on dependancy injects the important stuff is from 4 mins in (the video is only 5 mins).


@Tarik is this what your saying?

var values = {
$scope.showNoti = true;

Controller 1
Controller 2

@emsee71 This is what I’m saying

var values = {};
values.item = "something";

app.controller('FirstController', function ($scope) {    
   $scope.item = values.item;

app.controller('SecondController', function ($scope) {    
    $scope.item = values.item;

This way the value is accessible by both controllers. Is there something wrong with this method?

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@jawache Thanks for the link , I’m gonna try this :slight_smile:

i used rootscope but when i am accessing rootscope variable in another controller it is showing undefined.