Get react dev environment full errors on while debugging android/ios native app

I’m developing ionic for React and every once in a while I run ionic serve; npx cap copy; to see my changes in android and then I open chrome inspect devices to see my android webview on my monitor. I’m running into errors there but because my capacitor.config.js wedDir property is set to build folder and the files there are all minified, I get the following errors from react in my console:

 Minified React error #31; visit ... for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.

How can I see the full react errors on native android while inspecting?
Also is there a way to get hot reload/live reload working on Android with React as well? the documentation instructions seem to only work for Angular

running ionic serve is not going to work with capacitor, you need to build the application for deployment npm run build and then npx cap sync

also to get hot reload working you need to set the the server url in the configuration file, see documentation here -

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Basically this means that I will always have to make do with the minified version of React errors and can’t get full development errors?

dont think I understand the question? I still debug the code and get log info either through safari or chrome remote debugging???

I get log info as well but because Capacitor uses the “build” version of the project, firstly the code in chrome remote dev tools is uglified (hard to understand) and secondly when react throws an error all the errors are in the minified encoded format:

Is there a way to see non-uglified code and non-minified React errors in chrome remote debugging when running on Capacitor?