Get Phone Number of real device

Hey guys. I need some help/ I need take phoneNumber of device . Iam using cordova-plugin-sim. Heres my code
(info) => browser.on(“loadstop”)
() => {
alert(info.phoneNumber+’ '[0].phoneNumber);
err => {
console.log("InAppBrowser loadstart Event Error: " + err);
(err) => console.log('Unable to get sim info: ', err)
But i had a problem/ In my emulator everything work great? but on my real device i had undefind when i try outpu phoneNumber? other parameters work great. Where is problem&? I ask all permissions on the start of app
(info) => console.log('Has permission: ', info)

        () => console.log('Permission granted'),
        () => console.log('Permission denied')

Hi RobinBo.
I aslo have the problem like this.
have you resolved it yet?
can you show me?

Am also want to get the mobile number but cant able to get it… Have you found any solutions for this.

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same problem here. Phone number return empty string.

Any suggestion?