Get Item in second paged in ionic-3

Hello, here i have 40 items, and i want show them in my app. If i get 10 item in home page so that way 30 item left. This 30 item i want show in next page like i add button and user click on next button to open next page show another 10 items. how can i do like this…please help

please change your backend (api side) get data with pagination .
when you request for other page it show next 10 data and display in next page

use loop to display first 10 data on home page and pass the remaining array elements using nav param to other page.

thanks for reply sir but i don’t know code…how to do that?


maybe I am wrong, but maybe you searching for paginator. Something like that or
With a table it looks really pretty.

Best regards, anna-liebt