Get info of the data displayed in view

is there anyway where I can get info of the displayed data inside the view. If content is scrolled then I should also get info of the new data displayed

You mean current displayed text or what?

ya, I am getting data from back-end and displaying the data using ng-repeat. I just want to capture the id of all the data displayed in view


<li>Some data 1</li>
<li>Some data 2</li>
<li>Some data 3</li>
<li>Some data 4</li>
<li>Some data 5</li>
<li>Some data 6</li>


Every row will have unique id, I want to get those id which is displayed in view at once.
If there are total 6 rows and 3 rows are visible in the screen then I want the id of that 3 rows

Don’t know if this is possible. Maybe approach get screenshot then some OCR read ?