Get device email for IOS in IONIC 2

Using device-accounts we can access device account information for android platform.

import { DeviceAccounts } from ‘@ionic-native/device-accounts’;

Is there anyway to access device accounts information for IOS platform in IONIC 2.

I’m new to ionic. any help would appreciate.

Can you define what you mean by that?

i would try searching for such things:

you have no rights to get installed apps on ios i think. So there are plugins to check if some apps are installed, like facebook, g+, twitter, and so on

Ionic native plugin “DeviceAccounts” getEmails() function use to get android device registered email. I want same thing for ios. when I checked “ionic-native/device-accounts” it says only supported by Android platform.
So My query is Is there any other way to get iOS registered email address from my ionic 2 app?

I don’t think so.

(And as a iOS user I also hope there is no way to do this. My Apple ID is none of you app’s business.)

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