Get data from Firebase and show them

Hey there,
I have a problem, I think that is a stupid thing.
When a user logs in, I need to get user details from Firebase e put them in a profile page.
This is the function in profile.ts:

getData() {
    var uid = this.authProvider.afAuth.auth.currentUser.uid
    var account = this.accountProvider.getData(uid)

Instead in provider:

      return this.afDB.database.ref('/Users/' + uid).once('value').then(function(snapshot) {
        var account = {
          nome: snapshot.child("Name").val(),
          cognome: snapshot.child("Surname").val(),
          data_di_nascita: snapshot.child("Birthday").val(),
          sesso: snapshot.child("Sex").val(),
          titolo_di_studio: snapshot.child("Qualification").val()

Iā€™m able to get data, because I tried to view the variable account and all work fine.
But, what is the return of the function? How can I create an array in profile.ts with those data?

Seems that this is wrong.
var account = this.accountProvider.getData(uid)

Can someone help me?
Thank you!

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Hi @JohnnyUB. Hi have the same problem! Hope someone will help us!