Get App Version


Hi !

i’m trying to get the app version. I’m using

I’m trying to get the app version with :

cordova.getAppVersion.getVersionNumber(function (version) { }

But on android, the version is always “1.0”. Is it because I’m testing on a debug apk ?

Thanks for your help !


Hi @Finality,

Have you double checked the version name on Android config.xml ?
And, are you sure you are using ngCordova app version method ?
Your code should be :

$cordovaAppVersion.getVersionNumber().then(function (version) {
    var appVersion = version;
}, false);


Hi !

in my manifest I have :



After a lot of tests, I found that the bug occurs when I add this plugin (premium version for android)

All works fine on IOS but on android, the return version stills 1.0

How is it possible ?


Have you tried following this?:




Yes I use this plugin. but the problem appears when I use the geolocation plugin. How is it possible ? :frowning: