Geolocation plugin throws error on build for watchPosition arguments type

I am getting an error on building my project for ios. This has not occurred after a code change, but after a version change. I just updated to the latest geolocation plugin version, but I do not see any new language specification in the docs related to this method.

The error that I am getting is

typescript: src/providers/location-tracking.ts, line: 32
            Argument of type '{ maximumAge: number; timeout: number; enableHighAccuracy: boolean; }' is not assignable
            to parameter of type 'PositionCallback'. Type '{ maximumAge: number; timeout: number; enableHighAccuracy:
            boolean; }' provides no match for the signature '(position: Position): void'.

      L31:  return Observable.create(observer => {
      L32: = this.geolocation.watchPosition(options)
      L33:    .filter((p: any) => p.code === undefined).subscribe(pos => {

Error: Failed to transpile program
    at new BuildError (/Users/justinfrevert/Desktop/AceAdz-App/app-copy/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/util/errors.js:16:28)
    at /Users/justinfrevert/Desktop/AceAdz-App/app-copy/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/transpile.js:159:20
    at transpileWorker (/Users/justinfrevert/Desktop/AceAdz-App/app-copy/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/transpile.js:107:12)
    at Object.transpile (/Users/justinfrevert/Desktop/AceAdz-App/app-copy/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/transpile.js:64:12)
    at /Users/justinfrevert/Desktop/AceAdz-App/app-copy/node_modules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/build.js:106:82

Here is all the code that is responsible for getting the geolocation data:

constructor(public zone: NgZone, private geolocation: Geolocation, public http: Http) {
        console.log('Hello LocationTracking Provider');

      startTracking() {
          let options = {
            maximumAge: 3000,
             timeout: 5000,
             enableHighAccuracy: true

          return Observable.create(observer => {
   = this.geolocation.watchPosition(options)
            .filter((p: any) => p.code === undefined).subscribe(pos => {
       => {
         = pos.coords.latitude;
                  this.lng = pos.coords.longitude;
                  this.time = pos.coords.timestamp;

                  this.getZip().subscribe(data => {

Please let me know how I can fix this or restructure my code. Thank you.