GeoLocation GetLocation Origin Does not have permission to use geolocationservice


Hi, I have a problem when deploying my app to IOS via test flight and trying to access the current geolocation.

I am using the geolocationservice.getCurrentPosition() but it is returning an error code of 2 and a message of “Origin does not have permission to use Geolocation service”.

I have seen others with the same issue, but I cannot seem to resolve it on IOS (Android apk is ok).

I have set the plist settings with my own privacy message which is appearing in the dialog when the permission is requested.

I have also upped the timeout as this has also been an issue, but has not resolved my issue.

I have also ensured that the platform is ready before asking for the location.

Any other help would be appreciated. The only thing I have read is that livereload can cause the issue as it is not over HTTPS. This shouldn’t be an issue on the phone, but what I’m unsure of is if my API calls to HTTP are impacting this?